Here’s the new BMW for people who’ve always wanted one but not found quite the model to suit. The 2 Series Active Tourer is a significant departure from anything BMW has made until now, but one that should attract plenty of buyers.

It’s a spacious hatchback, known as a “premium compact” in industry-speak, with prices for four variants starting at $44,400 plus on-road charges and – ta-da! – front-wheel drive.

Which end drives the car should not matter materially to most buyers, especially brand newcomers, but the Active Tourer is BMW’s first front-drive design in an era when most cars have that space-saving layout.

More correctly, it’s the first with a BMW badge while under the skin it borrows the architecture of the hugely-successful sister brand Mini. And which brand started the front-drive revolution in 1959? The Mini.

Traditional rear-wheel drive imparts sporty roadholding that has been the essential DNA of BMW for decades. This new design has attracted plenty of interest. The maker claims the Active Tourer remains a true BMW and early expert reviews since the car’s recent Australian introduction have been almost universally good.

Space and versatility are at the heart of the Active Tourer. Although it’s a compact 4.34 metres outside, the interior provides seating for five adults and good luggage space, which can be increased by flat-folding the back seat.

Safety and economy matter for buyers in this urban-focused part of the car market and the 2 Series Active Tourer scores well on both.

Standard features include automatic operation of the headlights and windscreen wipers, a reversing camera, braking over-ride for the cruise control, lane-departure warning, automatic city emergency braking and automatically calling for emergency help after a crash.

For convenience, comfort and economy, expect automatic parking, an electric tailgate, automatic idle-stop engines, selectable driving modes and adaptive steering.

There are three twin-turbocharged petrol engines offering 100kW, 141kW or 170kW and a 110kW diesel. The diesel drinks just 4.2 litres of fuel per 100 kms, making it one of the thriftiest cars for sale in Australia.

This is a different BMW, to be sure, but its combination of compact exterior, roomy and versatile interior, economical engine choices and premium fit-out at a modest-for-BMW price means it’s likely to attract plenty of buyers to their first experience of the brand.

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Video

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