If you thought Coro Drive was bad, think again.

TomTom, the Netherlands-based company known for its sat-nav devices, has released the results of its fourth annual global traffic index, and when it comes to the world’s most gridlocked cities, Brisbane doesn’t even rate a mention.

In fact, no Australian cities feature in the top 10, which is headlined — a dubious honour at best — by Moscow in Russia. It has a traffic index rating of 74 per cent, which means a trip through town that would take an hour in non-peak times will be delayed during peak hour by almost 80 minutes.

In other words, it’ll take you more than twice as much time to get across town during peak hour than it would at any other time of day.

Istanbul in Turkey and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil rounded out the podium (so you can just imagine how much fun it would have been to get around Rio de Janeiro during the World Cup).

TomTom’s annual global traffic index also revealed that shortcuts are often really ‘longcuts’, and can double the length of urban journeys; and that motorists spend an average of eight days stuck in traffic every year (this figure balloons out to nine days in China).

The world’s 10 most gridlocked cities in peak hour are:

  1. Moscow (Russia)
  2. Istanbul (Turkey)
  3. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
  4. Mexico City (Mexico)
  5. Sao Paulo (Brazil)
  6. Palermo (Italy)
  7. Warsaw (Poland)
  8. Rome (Italy)
  9. Los Angeles (USA)
  10. Dublin (Ireland)

How do you think Brisbane’s traffic compares to other cities? Let us know below!