Motoring guru, Chris Nixon, tests Peugeot’s best addition to the SUV crusade.

Peugeot joins Holden, Ford, Nissan and Fiat in producing a small urban SUV for the price of a hatchback. The Peugeot 2008 is based on the (cheaper) 208 hatch, but is roomier and more versatile.

It’s a good-looking wagon with a classy interior. Even the cheapest version is well-equipped, with a reversing camera, hill-holder, cruise control and heated and folding outside mirrors.

The 2008 continues Peugeot’s tradition of offering a particularly comfortable ride over poor surfaces.

Three engine choices include an unlikely 1.2 litre, three-cylinder petrol. It goes far better than should be expected, but the diesel is best for economy and pulling power.

A four-speed auto transmission lets the 2008 down.

1.2 petrol 60kW, 1.6 petrol 88kW, 1.6 turbo diesel 68kW.

FOR: Handsome, spacious, well-equipped.

AGAINST: Outdated auto option has just four speeds.

VERDICT: Among the best of the new mini-SUV genre.