The Volkswagen Golf 7 is the current World Car of the Year and Wheels magazine Car of the Year; recommendations don’t come better.

Volkswagen Golf 110TDI:

The Golf meets today’s drivers’ needs for affordable efficiency, safety, practicality, comfort and quality.

The 110TDI Highline is the only diesel Golf currently available. It offers strong pulling power and 4.9 litres per 100 kms average fuel consumption.

Driving is an enjoyable, refined experience and there is extra emphasis on safety in this seventh edition.

All Golf 7s delivered to Australia come standard with a driver fatigue detection system, which analyses driving style in the initial kilometres of a trip and then monitors the driver’s steering and response patterns, recommending regular breaks upon detecting lapses in driver concentration.

An optional driver assistance package includes adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and a miraculous, hands-free self-parking system.

Further adding to the array of standard equipment intended to improve the driving experience are features that were previously reserved for high performance models. In particular the Extended Differential Lock (XDL) – which debuted with the previous Golf GTI – is now fitted across the range and significantly aids cornering behaviour by controlling controlling wheelspin.

Inside, occupants will not only appreciate the more spacious and practical accommodation but will find a premium infotainment system with a 5.8-inch display.

This responds to not only touch but also ‘smartphone-style’ swipe and zoom hand gestures, enabling the user to scroll through media content. The infotainment system has connections for USB, SD card and Bluetooth devices.

The interior is well-equipped and nicely finished, if maybe a little dour. Subtle LED lighting in the footwells and around the doors and instrument panel adds a classy touch, though.

Overall, the Golf 7 combines the latest efficiency and safety technology in a compact package that’s the right size for many motorists, whether singles, couples or small families. It’s well-equipped (specifications depending on model), comfortable and the hatchback body provides versatility.

Many publications and motoring organisations around the world have given the Golf 7 their top annual awards and it’s easy to see why. It is the epitome of a modern automobile.

  • Price: $34,990
  • 2.0 turbo-diesel
  • 110kW/320Nm
  • For: economical, safe, well-equipped, well-built, good to drive.
  • Against: umm, ah, er… maybe the upholstery colours?
  • Verdict: World Car of the Year. ‘Nuff said.

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