It can be hard to convince yourself to stop and take a break on road trips when the end seems so near, but it could be what saves your life.

From 2004 to 2010, almost one in seven fatalities were a result of fatigue-related crashes in Queensland.

Being awake for more than 16 hours is similar to having a blood alcohol content (BAC) of more than 0.05 (the legal limit for BAC in Queensland). You wouldn’t drink and drive, so why drive tired?

Warning signs include yawning, sore or heavy eyes, stiffness, delayed reaction times or if you start ‘seeing’ things or wandering across the road in your car.

Be sensible about driving these holidays and help to reduce road fatalities – plan ahead and don’t plan a big trip if you know you’ll be lacking sleep, take regular breaks when driving (at least 15 minutes every two hours), share the driving and get plenty of fresh air.

The best way to keep fatigue at bay is to stop and rest along your journey, and Driver Reviver locations are perfect for just this. Operated by around 2300 volunteers nationally, Driver Reviver is a community-based road safety initiative of the Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Queensland Police Service. Motorists travelling in school holidays (peak travel times) are encouraged to stop and revive themselves with complimentary tea, coffee and snacks at any of the Driver Reviver stop stations.

Travelling these holidays? Here are the Driver Reviver Rest Stops in South East Queensland:

Cunningham Highway – Mobil Service Station
3km south west of Yamanto (27.659S, 152.709E)

Bruce Highway – BP Service Station
9km south east of Nambour (26.69S, 153.004E)

Telemon Street – Caltex Service Station
(27.99S, 152.994E)

Off Pacific Motorway (M1 Exit 45) – Brien Harris Oval
Peachey Road (27.786S, 153.254E)

Stay safe these holidays and if you feel fatigue setting in, pull over and refresh yourself!