‘Tis the season to create Christmas cheer – on wheels!

Create Christmas cheer for your car with these five tips.

1. Christmas Wreath

No more on the front door – attach a Christmas wreath to the front grill with wire.

2. Gift Rack

Attach empty boxes, wrapped in Christmas paper, to your roof rack.

3. Reindeer Ears & Santa Hat

The common Christmas addition to cars – add reindeer ears to the side mirrors, or a large Santa hat to the roof.

4. Carols

If carols give you Christmas cheer (rather than a headache) download your favourites onto your iPod or Mp3 player – singing along is a must!

5. Car-Friendly Christmas Lights

The extreme of transportable Christmas cheer – a masterpiece of lights. Standard Christmas lights are not compatible with a vehicle’s electrical system. Low voltage rope lights are suitable, and will certainly brighten up the roads this season, however it will cost a fair bit to cover a car.


With your Christmas-decorated car, be sure to make most of Secure Parking’s season specials for the Brisbane CBD area.

Before making any drastic changes to your car – check with the QLD government regulations for vehicle modifications.


Send us pictures of your car Christmas mods!
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