After a highly competitive Touring Car Masters championship Coates Hire ambassador John Bowe has won five out of the eight rounds in his Trans Am Mustang ‘Sally’ but still finishes second in the overall points tally.

Despite winning the majority of the Touring Car Masters events Australian John Bowe finished second behind New Zealand driver John Richards.

Unfortunately Bowe was forced to withdraw from the Sandown event after running over the foot of an official, here are the full details of the incident.  When the final scores were tallied Bowe finished on 112 points, inched out but Richards on 1125.

The final round at Phillip Island saw drivers dealing with atrocious wet conditions in the early races and  Bowe’s heavy Trans Am Mustang was great in the wet conditions but created issues for the driver in the dry.

The final round proved to be an exciting one with Bowe finishing fifth overall. Despite the struggles this season John Bowe still has praise for his beloved car ‘Sally’.

“The car is great and although we struggled with the weight and the revs I enjoyed some good racing this weekend” said Bowe.

Bowe had much praise for fellow Australian drivers  Andrew Miedecke and Greg Crick.

“I love racing with Greg Crick, we started racing at the same time and he’s another Tassie boy and we give each other a lot of respect. I also had a couple of battles with Andrew Miedecke who is also good to race with.”

Miedecke and Crick finished third and seventh in the overall standings.

Bowe also shared his love for racing and Car Masters season.

“In terms of racing and satisfaction of racing, this season has been good. I love racing these style of old cars with big engines and narrow tyres and they are a great contrast to the hi tech GT’s I also race”.

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What are your thoughts on Bowe’s exclusion from the Sandtown event, fair punishment or too harsh?