Bills certainly pile up, but we can help you put the brakes on high premiums.

Insurance is something we wish we didn’t have to pay and the gamble to not cover our assets is one that we can lose big in. We know age and gender play a role in car insurance premiums and those can’t be helped, but here a few things that can help reduce those bills:

1. Driver history Are you a safe driver? Most insurers offer discounts on premiums to those who haven’t had recent accidents or claims.

2. Car model If you own a turbo charged or sports car, the insurance premium is likely to be high. Also if you have a car that is rated high for theft by the insurer (generally on their website) they may charge a higher premium.

3. Parking When you’re quoted for motor vehicle insurance they generally ask ‘where is the car parked’ and sometimes responses like ‘on the street’ can carry higher premiums if the post code is listed as a high risk area for car theft.

4. Security If you improve your car’s security by installing an alarm or camera, etc this can lower the premium, as you’re eliminating the risk of theft.

5. Policy discounts If you hold more policies with the same insurer you can often get a multi- policy discount.

6. Usage If you disclose exactly what you use your car for and when, some insurers will let you pay for only what you need and this may reduce your insurance premium.

7. Voluntary excess By nominating a higher excess, some insurers will offer a reduction on your premium.

8. Comprehensive or third party? There might not be reason to pay comprehensive rates if the value of the car is quite low. Think about what you need the car to cover and if the insurance premium makes sense compared to the car’s value.

9. Courses Some insurers will reduce insurance premiums if you undertake a defensive driving course, etc.

10. Quotes! Always get quotes and see if you can get a cheaper quote elsewhere.

Have we missed anything? We’d love to hear your tips…