Sick of the same car advertisement with a gleaming vehicle cruising along an open road?

Seen one, you’ve seem ’em all, right? Well, bmag has done some digging to bring you five of our favourite television car ads. Whether it’s the song, imagery or script, the following five ads we’ve selected for you  – either for their genius, novelty value or killer jingle – are definitely worth a view.

1. Kia Australia’s 2013 “Man and Woman of Now” advertisements were their first local brand campaign, but unfortunately didn’t quite get expected the reaction. Memorable for the all the wrong reasons, it was widely reported Aussies considered the two ads contrived, smug and pretentious. Credit to Kia though – they good-humouredly took the criticism, acknowledged the campaign wasn‘t for everybody and even praised the hilarious (and definitely not-safe-for-work) Priceless Productions Youtube parody.

2. Filled with symbolism, the advertisement for the Chrysler 200 is a masterclass in itself, stopping whooping fans at the 2011 Superbowl in their tracks. Eminem, born in Michigan Detroit, features throughout alongside panning shots of Manhattan and Detroit as the brooding opening bars of the Oscar-winning Lose Yourself play on repeat. Exploiting the national sentiment of the time it’s unashamedly patriotic, and touts the workmanship of the motor city where the people are tough and the automobiles they craft tougher.

3. To quote Australian media, entertainment and marketing site mUmBrella this Mitsubishi commercial is a “cheesy car ad rescued by a cracking tune”. Couldn’t have said it better.

4. It would appear Chrysler’s marketing department has been hard at work for quite a while – the “Hey Charger” slogan was one of the most iconic in Australia’s history. Introduced in Australia in 1971 the Chrysler Valiant Charger may have only been in production for seven years, but it was extraordinarily popular during this time. This success has to be attributed in part to the ad and was certainly another one of the company’s “great ideas in motion”. 

5. This 1981 Holden advertisement reduced us as a nation to football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars but still managed to speak to all proud Australians. Well played Holden. Well played.