Ever wanted to pimp your own car but never knew how? We’ve compiled a few trips and tricks to get you started.

Whether you’re looking for a special ride to your formal, or simply want to spruce up your car, there are ways to pimp your car so it reflects your individual style.

The outside of your ride can be hard to decorate without spending heaps of money on expensive paint jobs and detailing, but here are a few ideas to make any ride stand out.


Give those tyres a clean and use some reflective or glow in the dark wheel stickers to had a bit of colour to your wheels. You can purchase reflective rim strips in a range of colours; match the colour of your car or go for a bold rainbow style sticker to really make your car stand out.

Head lights

For something a little different add a tint film to you headlights and brake lights. These tints will light your way, available in a range of colours, everyone will see you coming and going. Don’t stress they aren’t too difficult to install, here is a basic how to guide to get you started.


Stickers on the exterior of your ca rare a personal choice that some people love and others can’t stand. Think carefully about what you want the stickers to say. The best things about stickers are they can be quick fix for a special occasion and can communicate your personal style or views quickly.


The inside of your car should be your own personal haven, include the colours you love, the smells you like and the music you want to make every ride special.

Chair covers and Mats

There a thousands of different chair covers and matching mats available in a range of colours and textures. Use leather for a classic look, or if you want something a little edgier try a bold print or personalised cover.


There are so many varying adaptors available now there is really no excuse for using the tape player any more. Have your own personal playlist playing whenever you’re behind the wheel.

Air freshener

No one likes stepping into a car that smells like gym socks. Use an air freshener to reflect your mood or the season. Maybe a sea breeze scent for summer, cinnamon for Christmas or even your favourite flowers scent. Air Fresheners are made in varying colours, shapes and sizes so why not make it match the rest of your interior?

Check out some Crazy Cars to find inspiration.

Do you have any ideas on how to pimp your own car let us know in the comments below?