Car ads are known for their experimentation with image, sound and humour. We’ve found six weird and hilarious ones so you can start your day with a laugh.

Ford kicks us off with their ad for the Mustang Shelby GT (shown above), this one has been around for a while but it still gets the laughs.

Another one that is sure to get a laugh, Volkswagen nails it with this hilarious ad, may the force be with you.

Volkswagen Commercial

This Porsche Commercial draws on their racing success to make an ad with a bit of difference, anyone who has failed at a reverse parallel will appreciate this one and maybe feel a little better about themselves.

Porsche Commercial

Another one for Volkswagen who have certainly had a few funny ones over the years, this one is no exception another oldy but a goody with a bit of cheek thrown in.

VW – The Sharan Commercial

Next in our collection is this little gem from Citroen, for anyone who has wished there car was a little more up-to-date, this guy takes it into his own hands in  the most unusual way.

Citroen C3 Commercial

The next ad is from Nissan, anybody who has suffered the wrath of a ticket inspector will love this nifty idea to avoid a fine.

Nissan Micra Commercial

The Prius is known for its environmentally friendly perfection, this commercial is more on the wonderful side of our collection – a feast for the eyes and the ears.

Toyota Prius Commercial

What do you think makes a car ad memorable? Let us know about any other car ads you think are weird and wonderful by posting below.