Do you need to refill your wiper fluid? Are you focusing on the road ahead and find it hard to see probably because you have a filthy windscreen and your windscreen wipers don’t seem to be doing the job?

How to refill your wiper fluid to avoid spreading nature’s unappreciative gifts across your windscreen with a horrifying dry screeching sound, you should check on your washer fluid once every two months.

Things you will need:

Bottle of washer fluid
Funnel or a steady hand
Rag or paper towel

The washer fluid is located under the hood in a plastic container with levels marking minimum and maximum fill lines and feeds through to your wiper

Each car has washer fluid recommendation in its owner manual, however clean room temperature water is always a safe option. You can use a special windscreen wiper detergent, but it is advised not to use household detergents, as they are not designed for engine use and can create suds on the windscreen or a residue that can clog pipes.

Start by placing the rag or towel around the opened washer fluid container, and begin pouring the liquid into the container, keeping in mind to remain below the maximum fill line.

As Queensland is already experiencing hotter days in the lead up to summer, it’s a good idea to check on your wiper fluid and blades often, with blades needing changing at least twice a year, with after a hot summer or before rainy seasons the most desirable.