Sexy, sleek and sporty. Not usually the words that come to mind when thinking of an RV.

However, Trakka’s new Trakkadu ABT is setting new standards for designer recreational vehicles and camper vans.

The Trakkadu ABT is no ordinary camper van, with a turbo engine, seven speed twin clutch gearbox, all-wheel drive and lowered sports suspension from a championship-winning motorsport team.

Trakka CEO Dave Berry established the Australian and family owned business four decades ago and it has grown into an award winning and trusted market leader in the RV industry.

He says the RV market is changing and the Trakkadu ABT is designed for a new type of RV customer.

“The Trakkadu ABT answers the needs of a new group of owners. They want to use their RV as a normal vehicle, typically replacing an SUV or even a car during the week, while at the weekend they use it for lifestyle activities,” he says.

Designed for active people, it can drive like a car, or climb sand dunes and tackle other conditions like an off-road vehicle, in comfort, style and with up-to-date technology.

Its luxury leather upholstery interior includes a multimedia SatNav and entertainment system, rain sensing wipers, cruise control, power windows and locks, adjustable armrests and a steering wheel with fingertip controls.

Completing the exterior is an ABT Sportline body kit with revised front bumper, front air splitter and brake cooling inlets. As standard the Trakkadu ABT comes in deep black pearl paint with the roof in contrasting Titanium Silver.

The Trakkadu ABT is priced at $135,500 driveaway.