Suzuki’s crowdsourced purple tiger is on the loose… and it’s looking for a new owner.

Suzuki Queensland’s Facebook followers told the company’s general manager Adam Le Fevre what they wanted.

Not only did he listen – he delivered.

The result is the wildcat-inspired “Growl”, an outrageous, iridescent purple Swift complete with claw marks slashing its sides, snarling tiger face on the bonnet and flamboyant name splashed across the windscreen.

To complete the picture, Growl sports rally-style leather seats with purple claw marks and side bolsters; 18” open spoke Advanti wheels shod with strap-like low profile, 215 Achilles 35 series ATR sports tyres; colour co-ordinated side skirts and front air dam and a customised purple dash insert and door trim detailing.

Chances are you’ll hear it before you see it prowling the streets, with a touch screen sound system with remote sub-woofer and a remote control to tweak the amplifier.

The Growl was originally to tour Queensland dealerships so its social media contributors could see the beast up close and personal.

However, it is now the prize in Youngcare’s major giveaway “You hold the key” campaign, intended to make Australians aware they have the power to help solve the issue of young people living in aged care.

Mr Le Fevre says the notable colour scheme was inspired by their 12,000 facebook followers who were not happy when the lavender shade was no longer an option.

“Our Facebook followers… did not hold back when we turned to them for some thoughts,” he says.

“The over-whelming response in terms of advising which colours they wanted to see in the future was purple… a purple with purpose… that didn’t just smile but which bared its teeth.”

Suzuki Queensland spokesperson John Daffy says one inspiration for the Growl was Swift-owners themselves who are renowned for customising their vehicles.

“The examples of customers changing up their Swifts with personalised plates, stripes, wheels among other things is insane, it’s phenomenal, and it’s more than any car we’ve ever had.”

The impact the Growl will have on future customer-driven modifications remains to be seen, but both Mr Le Fevre and Mr Daffy hope it will “uncage” how people personalise their Swifts.

“We can’t wait for it to get out and around the traps a bit… and see the reaction,” says Mr Daffy.

For your chance win this one-of-a-kind Suzuki Swift, buy a key and support young Austalians in aged care at But hurry – competition closes 27 October, 2013.

(Ps crowdsourced means to obtain something that is needed by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community, rather than suppliers as is normally the way!)