Choosing the right shutters for your home can be a difficult task! How do you know which ones are right for you and more importantly if they’ll last? We got the experts in to help us out.

Brisbane Shutters are a well respected family business with over 14 years experience in supplying window coverings across South East Queensland.

The company is home to the biggest range of shutters in Brisbane and offers customers the highest quality workmanship around. They also believe in supporting the local community and giving back by supporting charities.

In fact, this year they’re proud to announce that they’ve become a corporate supporter of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, helping raise and grant funds for innovative cancer research. We think it’s safe to say, they’re a top team!

Shutters aren’t something you buy often, so it’s good to know that what you are buying will stand the test of time.

To help us understand more about shutters, Brisbane Shutters’ Director Mark Wilkinson took us through the different types and gave his tips on what to look for when choosing your own.

Aluminium Shutters

If you’re looking for some coverage outdoors, aluminium shutters are perfect for balconies, pergolas, patios and outdoor entertainment areas.

Before choosing your outdoor shutters though, it’s important to ask the question ‘Will the colour break down or fade (from the sun) over time?’ Some of them will.

Our Aluminium range is constructed using 15% more raw materials than any others in the market, making them stronger and more durable. They’re also engineered to meet Australia’s harsh conditions, so they’ll withstand the elements and won’t fade from the suns UV rays.

Whether you’ve got a big space to cover or a small one, aluminium shutters can be custom made to fit any shape and size. They can also be powder coated in any colour (with over 100 Dulux colours to choose from) or a timber grain finish to suit your individual needs.

Aluminium shutters are so easy to clean too, so they’re great for time poor people! Simply hose them down or wipe them over with a damp cloth.

One major thing you should be aware of when buying any shutters is the warranty. It can be very frustrating having to read through paragraphs of fine print, only to find your 25-year warranty isn’t valid. Then, there’s the call out fees, if you need to get anything fixed!

At Brisbane Shutters we understand all of these problems, so we’ve created a warranty that is easy to understand and if there’s ever a time you need to claim it’ll all be covered! If you’re not happy with it, we’ll fix it!

We also do fixed prices, so once you’re given your final quote they’ll be no hidden fees whatsoever!

Timber Shutters

Shutters in general, offer great light throughout the home without the blinding glare. They can be opened and closed like a normal curtain, but with the extra benefit of the blades being adjusted for maximum light or shade, you can have total control of the light coming in or staying out of your home! They also give you a lot more privacy.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly shutter option, timber shutters are the way to go.

Made with 100% renewable timbers and top of the line products, our timber shutters are manufactured with a one species timber guarantee. This means, there are no mixtures of wood or laminating (fake wood) during the manufacturing process.

Our hardwood is specifically grown in private family-owned plantations, which have been audited and checked for sustainability. So, if you’re a bit of a greenie this is the perfect option for you!

Painted Shutters

Painted timber shutters are one of the most popular choices when it comes to interior shutters.

Manufactured in the same plant as our hardwood shutters, painted timber shutters are handcrafted and finished the traditional way.

The harsh Australian weather can really kill timber shutters and you’ll generally see this on shutters with inferior coatings. So, it’s important to check what paints and coatings are used.

At Brisbane Shutters we don’t just paint our shutters; we finish them with a 2-Pac Polyurethane paint. This means the end product not only looks flawless, but the shutters are much stronger and last a lot longer.

Painted timber shutters come in a variety of different applications like hinged, fixed, sliding and multi-fold to fit any style of window or door. There are six standard colours available for this product, but they can also be custom painted to any colour you want.

PVC Shutters

Polytherm Shutters (PVC) are an alternative to traditional blinds and curtain window coverings, offering an entry-level shutter that is more cost effective over timber or aluminium shutters.

PVC shutters are ideal for wet areas as they are made from a moisture resistance material and they’re great at keeping the heat in for winter (perfect time of year) with two times more insulation than any other manufacturers’.

For shutters that will add style and value to your home, as well as compliment the décor, PVC is a great entry point.

When you are buying shutters make sure you look at the time frames for delivery. You don’t want to be waiting for your shutters for weeks and weeks! Our policy is if it’s not delivered to you within the time frame promised, we pay you. Simple!

If you’re looking for shutters at the moment but can’t decide which ones are right for you, Brisbane Shutters can help. Check out their huge range at

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