Brisbane comedy duo Those Two Girls — Sarah Wills and Lise Carlaw — have made a name for themselves with their quirky take on domestic life, so we asked them to share their top life hacks with Bmag readers.

Sarah and Lise have amassed an ever-growing fanbase with their hilarious domestic musings and everyday shortcuts for a raft of topics, including the laundry, lunchboxes, coconut oil (God’s nectar) and the home.

Here are 8 domestic life hacks that Sarah and Lise learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

  • To remove pen or lipstick stains, use hand sanitiser or hair spray. Deadset works.
  • Consider cupcake holders as lunchbox dividers if you don’t want to fork out $80 on a bento lunchbox.
  • Scratch a message into the skin of a banana, and it will be revealed overnight. Think ‘I Love you’ or ‘Don’t sit with Bobby, he’s got nits.’
  • Write laundry instructions on the machine or dryer with a whiteboard marker. Not that anyone will read them but you, you poor sod.
  • Place elastic bands around a sippy cup to give your toddler a better grip. Also works for Mummy’s wine bottle.
  • If travelling, avoid tangled necklaces by threading one end through a straw. Remember to remove straw before wearing, twits.
  • To make remembering a password a lot easier, why not make it a life goal? For example, ‘backrubfromGeorgeClooney’
  • Coconut oil can be used as a makeup remover, hair conditioner, deodorant, lip balm and more. Word of warning, you will end up looking like Danny Zuko and smelling like a slightly-off pina colada.

Those Two Girls present Good Morning, Sunshine!, a breakfast event with special guest Sophie Cachia (The Young Mummy) at Lightspace (30 Light Street, Fortitude Valley) this Thursday 19 May from 8:45am to 11am. For tickets, visit