As we head into the colder months, it’s the perfect time to consider how to keep your home warm without the constant use of heaters and reverse cycle air systems. Using window coverings like shutters, shades and blinds is a cost-effective and style-savvy way to keep the heat in and the cold out.

There is nothing like coming home to a wonderfully warm home in the middle of winter, and you don’t have to spend mountains of money to get the best set-up. You just need to ask the right people.

Timbershades have been in the business for over two decades now and are specialists in knowing how to set up and style your home with elegant timber window furnishings.

As home-owners scour Pinterest boards and lifestyle magazines for ideas, it has become apparent that there is a rising trend for Plantation Shutters and Timber Blinds and as with all trends, it has constantly evolved and changed over the last few years.

Speaking to Rohn Rigby from Timbershades, he acknowledged this and adds that “timber shades have been trending upwards for the last 15 years, and we’ve adapted our range to suit the demand.”

Every home is different and will require different window dressings for the best result, but luckily there is a team of qualified people at Timber Shades who can mix and match the options to suit your lifestyle, budget and interior design preferences. From supply to installation, the process is simple and streamlined and even though the range is extensive, they will know exactly what you need.

Window coverings are all beneficial in insulating homes from the cooler weather and also keeping heat out during the summer months. Of course they differ in their effectiveness depending on what the properties of the product are. For example, with a fabric blind, they basically come in three different types: a screen, a light filter and a block out. Of these three, the block out is the best insulator followed by the light filter and then the screen.

The style of the blind will also have an effect on the insulating properties. Fabric blinds are generally available in Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds and Panel Glide Blinds and all offer different benefits and usages. For winter, Rohn recommends readers to consider using Honeycomb Blinds – an insulating window finishing that is designed to keep the warmth in.

“The best insulating blind available is the Cellular or Honeycombe Blind. The Honeycombe Blind incorporates a multi-cell blanket made of a non-woven, polyester fibre fabric. They have a range of fabrics including Sheer, Light Filtering, Semi Opaque, Designer, Fire Retardant and Room Darkening. These blinds have very low thermal transference making them extremely energy efficient. They have single or double cell options with widths available in 25mm, 35mm or 45mm.”

But the choice of window dressings isn’t dependant on one aspect – there is also aesthetics to deliberate on. The ideal combination is when you find a product that performs the duty necessary and you also love the look of it.

So if Honeycomb Blinds aren’t to your liking, style-wise, consider Plantation Shutters which are another very popular and effective insulating option.

Rohn agrees: “Plantation Shutters are the most versatile option in terms of light, air and heat control. This is due to the moveable blades which can be divided into sections allowing for the bottom half or two thirds of a window to be closed while the top part is left open for light. Plantation Shutters come in a range of materials to suit varying room situations. They also have a large variety in colour options in paints and stains.”

One of the best reasons to choose Plantation Shutters is because they can also be custom painted to match specific colours not included in the standard range. “They can also be made to almost any shape and size,” Rohn adds.

So how do you decide what is the right choice for your home? What if you have trouble visualising how a certain product will look in reality? Not a problem, says Rohn. “Timbershades will respond quickly and come direct to your home or office to show you our range and help you to get a feel for how the product will look when installed. Plus we can offer advice, expertise and value and our own fitters provide a professional measurement and installation service. Every job is check measured by one of our installation team to dramatically reduce the possibility or errors occurring.” He also proudly pointed out that, “We have some of the best manufacturers in Australia and in the world.”

Budding interior decorators take note — shutters and blinds provide many practical benefits for light, heat and air control, but they also add a unique aesthetic appeal that will enhance any building both from the interior view and the exterior. It can be the quickest and often most cost-effective way to change the look and feel of your home.

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