Your life is about to get even easier. Wireless charging for your smart device will be built in to furniture and will be available soon.

Ikea has announced a new range of furniture which will feature Qi wireless charging technology so you can charge your phone, or tablet without the nuisance of those annoying charging cords. It will be built right in, so you don’t have to go searching for that lost cable. Think charging pad — but built in to furniture — and that’s what this is.

The announcement of the ‘Home Smart’ furniture line was made at the Mobile World Congress event earlier this week. The range includes a USB port which will allow you to plug other devices in, too.

Currently the most used wireless charging technology, you’ll find support for Qi in more than 80 different smartphones. However, if you’ve chosen a smart device which doesn’t use the technology, you’ll have to stick with boring old charging cables.

The furniture will be available across Europe and North American stores in April; an Australian release date hasn’t been announced yet.