Inspiration is the only tool needed to create a romantic and sensual bedroom.

Bringing romance into the bedroom does not have to break the budget; reflect your personality, desires or creativity with a little ingenuity and the right touches.

Homeware sections of major retailers, second-hand outlets, hardware stores, craft and fabric outlets provide plenty of inspiration. A lot can be done with a can of paint, a good lamp and a cushion or two!

Brisbane decorator and author Tahn Scoon shares her tips for creating the romantic room:

• The bed is the centrepiece of the sensual bedroom and should be big and decadent with beautiful linen. Reserve the bed for sleeping and intimacy, and add a comfortable armchair for reading and rest.

• Large opulent mirrors, oversized curtains pooling onto the floor, antique armoires and dressers, plush wool and rugs and screened dressing areas will create a sensual, boudoir feel.

• Good lighting is paramount. Avoid harsh overhead lighting and opt for soft wall lights or table lamps instead. Side lighting is more restful and
more flattering.

• As the bedroom is a space where you are likely to be barefoot, think about your choice of floor treatments. The tactile pleasure of plush wool carpet or thick sheepskins thrown over smooth floors is hard to resist.

So get to it and let your inner romantic go to work. Check out these bedrooms we discovered to get you thinking.

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