You can create stylish homemade decorations for your Christmas table, writes stylist and author Tahn Scoon.

If you’re happy to get creative this Christmas, it’s possible to dress your Christmas table with elegant vintage pieces and homemade decorations for next to nothing.

Most items in the following projects can be easily found in your local charity store for only a few dollars, or perhaps around your home for free. The best thing is you’ll be creating a table with history and heart, which is what Christmas should be all about. Happy hunting, making and baking!

Ginger cookie Christmas tree

All you need for this one is a good gingerbread recipe and a set of around six star-shaped cookie cutters. Cut out and bake two cookies in each size. Once cooled, stack and sprinkle with icing sugar (if you’d like a more sturdy structure, ‘glue’ stars together with vanilla icing).

A simple Christmas wreath

For a humble but sweet little wreath, simply gather some pliable foliage and layer and twist into shape, securing with natural string as you go. Attach a ribbon to the top and hang.

A vintage collection

Bone china plates and crystal glasses not only look decadently pretty, they’re also much nicer to eat and drink from. Have a poke around your local op shop, you’ll be amazed at what you can find. The crystal and silver jug; set of six crystal glasses and the glass ‘cherry’ dish.

Jam jar candle holders

This is an extremely affordable way to attractively and safely display little tea light candles. Simply rinse out some old jam jars and fill with water. Add a couple of sprigs of rosemary to each jar, and top with a candle.

Decorate a chandelier

If you’re lucky enough to have a chandelier suspended over your Christmas table, make good use of it by hanging with decorations. Vintage coloured baubles tied on with silk ribbons look superb dripping down from a vintage chandelier, or try something quirkier, such as Christmas-themed cookie cutters if you have a more contemporary design.