We may not be getting as much mail these days, but our mailboxes are still part of our lives.

It’s there for all to see – your mailbox.

Most times, they blend into the surrounds but for the truly creative, they can reflect the personality of the house and its owners. Jae Spinaze inherited her Ned Kelly letterbox when she moved into her new home on Brisbane’s southside.

Jae Spinaze inherited her Ned Kelly letterbox when she moved into her new home on Brisbane’s southside.

“My husband initially hated it and thought a chainsaw to the knees would be the best option,” Jae says, “but it has slowly grown on him. Everyone around here knows it – if we say we’re the house with the Ned Kelly letterbox everyone immediately knows which house we mean.”

Jae says the previous owner built it and want to take Ned with him when he moved.

“I don’t know why Ned Kelly – he was quite fond of it, but it is fairly solidly concreted in! If we ever wanted to get rid of it, people have made offers to take it!”

Jae says with the ‘handover’ of Ned she was informed that he requires a Santa hat at Christmas time.

“Although apparently they do often go missing,” she says.

Frank and Sally Paolini’s letterbox is a perfect rendition of their house. Even in the miniature window is a little replica of their dog,Cara, now passed, who used to love to look out the window. But their letterbox didn’t start out as a letterbox.

“My son Steven Paolini is a carpenter and when my wife and I got married, I asked him to be best man,” Frank says. “He made the house replica as a wedding gift to use as a wishing well for cards on the day. Then we decided to put it out the front as a letterbox. It has changed colours – when we modernised the house, we modernised the letterbox!”

Steven married Renee only two weeks ago at Byron Bay but didn’t score a letterbox from his father.

“I’m not the handy one,” Frank admits.Brisbane’s very own The Letterbox Man has been in business for 45 years and owner John Handley has seen some changes.

“When people build they never plan for a letterbox,” John says, “it’s the last thing that they want and then they call up or get on the internet and need it right away.”

John says letterboxes have changed over the years with security factored in. “In the past the letterbox stood on a post in front of the house – powder coated and fancy. Today people are looking for stainless steel boxes that fit into the brickwork and have security elements.”

That’s also the type of letterbox the Letterbox Man has himself.

“It suited the property,” John says.