New trends in home design are driving the continuing popularity of blinds.

Blinds have long been a part of Queensland architecture. Shutters are often used to let in light and air while adding privacy on verandahs, while louvres are ubiquitous in school buildings throughout the state, and it seems that their popularity is far from declining.

Janelle Harmston of Image Blinds says it’s no surprise blinds have held such a presence in Queensland.

“Curtains are often used in much colder climates where they’re trying to keep warmth in, so with our Queensland climate blinds, shutters and venetians are much more practical,” she says. “There’s also the old adage of ‘stop the heat on your window before it gets to the glass’ and that’s where our outdoor products come in, with the heat and temperature control that you gain from outdoor awnings.”

But it’s not just the temperatures that are driving demand says Harmston.

“The trends are changing with new, modern-look homes,” she says. “Windows are getting larger these days and people aren’t wanting bulk around them.

“Roller blinds and shutters are very clean-line and panel glides are a new look. It’s all down to style and design these days.”

Harmston adds that blinds can easily transform the look of a room by allowing in natural light and air without the risk of billowing curtains disturbing items. There is also a huge range of colours to choose from.

“If you have a beautiful view you can retain it but stop the heat with the sun screen fabric,” she says. “You can enhance the window with colour or if you have a beautiful, way-out lounge or wallpaper or something like that, you can keep your blinds neutral.

“It comes down to design of the room and what the client wants and then just flows through from there.”

New technology is also a defining factor in trends, says Harmston.

“Homes are becoming so much more technical, so motorisation is becoming extremely modern and very popular,” she says. “With a touch of a button your blinds disappear.”

With all outdoor awnings also able to be motorised, it’s easy to see a future where indoor and outdoor spaces are completely redefined with just a tap.

It seems blinds in Queensland are more than just a part of history – they’re a part of the future, too.