Flood your home with the right lights as the cool weather creeps in.

Create mood lighting

Avoid over-lighting a space. Rather than turning on every light in the house only illuminate the rooms that you’re using and for the tasks that you need light for.The key to creating a warm atmosphere is also to use down lights sparingly. Instead switch on a pendant, floor, table or wall lamp. Turning on a ceiling full of down lights floods a space with light and makes a room feel very cold.

Choose the right lamp for winter lighting

A compact fluorescent (CFL) in a warm white is also an energy efficient lamp that’s suited to leaving the light on for extended periods, but can’t be dimmed.Halogen lamps are very easy to dim, and while they’re not the most energy efficient option, they produce a lovely colour, which makes them a great choice for shorter bursts.LED is the most energy efficient lamp and while some can be dimmed, the colour produced isn’t as warm as a CFL.

Embrace candlelight

Candles are an excellent source of soft light for winter and as an added bonus they also give off a little extra warmth. Let your home flicker with candle light this winter and embrace the many options available, from citrus scents to electronic wicks there is something on hand for every taste.


Light your home with candles

Natural light is your friend

Winter days are short and sweet, so why not make the most of them? Give your lights a rest during the day and open up the blinds, the doors and anytjing else that blocks out the sun. This is also a good time to clean your windows and blinds to maximize the amount of natural light that can spill through your windows.

Think out-of-the-box with lights

Consider lighting open shelving this winter. This is a place where shadows exist, and removing them with extra lighting instantly brightens your space. Plus, from a functional standpoint, when your shelves are stocked with items such as dishware you use everyday, it’s much easier when you can clearly see their contents.