Australia’s newest home design website, roomfood, will provide you with everything you need to become your own interior designer.

Whenever I think I’m going to re-decorate a room or fill a blank wall with a fun piece of art I end up wanting to do everything. Happy yellow and crazy prints? Yep. Moody greens and blues with underwater features? Why not? It’s no wonder home projects last for years when there’s so many options, colour schemes and sparkly things at IKEA to look at before you finally make a decision.

If you’ve ever wanted to start a major home project but not known where to start looking for inspiration, you’re probably in the same boat as me and most non-creatives out there.

From Pinterest to design blogs and everything in between, it can be hard to choose a quilt cover and throw rug combo, let alone actually start work on your dream space.

roomfood is the latest website that gives users access to fabrics, furniture, lightings, art pieces, bedding, trimmings, tiles, paints and finishes that have previously been inaccessible to those outside the interiors industry.

If you’re still in the early stages and this already sounds like too much for you, roomfood also has a mood board feature, providing items from some of Australia’s best designers, manufacturers and artists for you to get some inspiration from.

The website allows everybody the luxury of access to a wide selection of classic and trendy home style options and labels, without the hassle and expense of hiring a design professional.

And the best part? Especially for those who have anxiety about making purchases online, roomfood ships samples to customers before they make their final purchase – ensuring that you love the way those linen curtains feel before to commit to the buy.

Founder Shane Bradbury says “anyone, regardless of their design experience and without the help of an interior designer, will now be able to create an environment that he or she really loves.

“The philosophy behind roomfood is that for those who want it, design should be unlimited, unrestricted, and uninfluenced.”

It’s changing the way design professionals are interacting with their clients, as the everyday person know has an avenue to source out unique and exclusive home design options from a platform other than IKEA.

Whether the public’s reluctance in recent years to utilise the skills of professionals in the design industry is to do with price, awareness, or indifference, roomfood’s target market now has an affordable option when considering design advice.

For more information on how to start using roomfood, head to their website or Facebook page for some website planning to real life examples.