Rachel Quilligan chats to Elyse Neumann from Organised Interiors about creating the perfect wardrobe space.

Q: What is popular now in wardrobe space design?

A: It depends on the style that you’re going for. For example in Brisbane it depends if you’re doing a more traditional Queenslander style or if you’re going for something more contemporary. Chandeliers are very in vogue for a walk-in wardrobe, either with an ottoman or a storage island. For built-in robes if there’s not enough natural light often clients will organise to have down lights or back-of-door lights put in.

Q: What should we consider when designing wardrobe space?

A: You need to think about what you want to store in there and how you like to store your things – some people don’t like their shoes to be stored at face height, for instance. You need to consider your own personal preferences. Also you really only want to do this once, so quality is a factor. It’s not something you want to replace in five years.

Q: Can a wardrobe improve the value of a home?

A: Considering how much people are investing into their houses now it’s important to have something that is a fixture and a feature. It’s like doing a kitchen; the value of wardrobes in a house is often underestimated but you use your wardrobe as much as you use a kitchen – every morning and every night, you’re in there putting your clothes away. It is an asset to the house so we custom design to suit clients’ specific needs.

Q: What is best if there is only limited space to work with?

A: It needs to suit the user – there’s no point having a lot of long hanging space if you’re a man, for example, and there are a lot of accessories that will help with that, like jewellery inserts, tie and belt racks and divisions for drawers. Australia is just catching up to a lot of European and Asian countries because our houses are getting smaller now and there’s a lot of downsizing.

Look out for these trends:

  • It’s all about the dream – dream shoe cupboard, dream hanging area, dream lighting
  • Think adjustable … then you’re set for life
  • Mirrors and luxury ottomans
  • Drawer inserts for jewellery, cufflinks and ties
  • Feature lighting like chandeliers
  • Turning the home office into a designer wardrobe or a spare room with a foldaway bed