Rachel Quilligan looks to fantasy wardrobes for shoe storage solutions.

Everyone has their vice. For some it’s handbags, others it’s designer sunglasses. For me, it’s shoes. Shoe stores work like magnets for me, drawing me inexplicably to my next purchase of beautiful, towering works of art that will make my calves ache and my feet numb.

Working part-time at a shoe store during university was not the exposure therapy I hoped it would be – my paycheque came in either suede or patent form. My wardrobe never had a chance – I now have the ‘Great Wall of Shoeboxes’ ringing my bedroom as my collection has overcome the racks in my closet, but one day I dream of having a wardrobe equipped to handle my army of shoes.

Living the dream:

Mention ‘dream wardrobes’ and the first thing that comes to mind is that glittering masterpiece from the first Sex and the City film. It left fashionista Carrie – and most viewers – speechless in awe. It was shiny, huge and had floor to ceiling shoe-shelving – every fashion girl’s dream.

Common trends such as chandeliers, island counters and plush armchairs are turning walk-in wardrobes into luxurious dressing spaces for many celebrities – with a space like that, the items inside can become just as much a part of the decoration.

Design elements are very important for shoes on display, says Sue Brandenburg from Organised Interiors.

“I had a Gold Coast client with just under 500 pairs of shoes,” she says. “They called in a ‘colour consultant’ who sorted and arranged them by colour. There was a whole room dedicated to shoes.”

There’s an app for that:

Speaking of aspirational closets, 1995 film Clueless first gave us a taste of beautiful storage spaces with main character Cher Horowitz’s motorised and computerised closet. Perhaps the most impressive aspect was her digital catalogue of outfits that allowed easy perusal. It seemed like only a fantasy in the 90s but there are now several apps that mimic the capabilities of Cher’s computer.

Check out Clothia, My Dressing or Cloth for a wardrobe organiser that fits in your pocket. There’s also virtual dressing room Swivel that uses Kinect technology to allow shoppers to skip the change room hassle by digitally trying on clothes, accessories and makeup. Heaven!

Heel tips:

No matter how extravagant your wardrobe is, keep in mind these storage tips to preserve the condition of your shoes.
• Keep out of direct sunlight or harsh indoor lighting as this can fade the colour
• Store shoes in their original boxes to protect from dust and light, and ensure you hold onto the moisture absorbing sachets to help protect the materials from moisture in the air.
• You don’t need to buy boot fillers – use rolled-up magazines to help long boots keep their shape
• If your shoes are on display, face heels back-to-front to make more room on the shelf