If you’re renting, an annual or monthly inspection may be coming up. Bmag has the inside tips for acing your routine inspection.

Is it that time of year again? A routine rental inspection may seem daunting, although this actually only entails a big spring clean-up. Once you’re given a time for your inspection, you’ll be able to prepare for your visit, and it’s really not a big deal. But if you’re new to renting — or just not sure what your real estate agent is looking for — then here’s an outline on how to properly prepare yourself for your next inspection.

What to do before an inspection

  • Ensure all types of communication (phone number, email address etc) are updated and correct.
  • Be sure to secure pets for the duration of the visit.
  • Make sure to be up-to-date with any maintenance forms that the property manager needs to be made aware of. If things need fixing, let them know, or it might come back to bite you later.
  • Let your property manager know about any security changes to alarms, keys or codes, so that they are able to access the property.

What to have ready for the inspection

To ensure a timely and stress free inspection, your home should be in tip-top shape. This means that both the inside and outside of your home is properly cleaned and maintained. The following checklist will provide an easy to use outline of what is expected:

Walls – should be mark and damage free. Any existing pealing, cracking or water stains should be noted.

Floors – should be vacuumed and checked for stains.

Ceilings – with light fixtures and fans should be checked for functionality and damage. The ceilings should be dusted for cobwebs.

Windows – are expected to be cleaned, with no damage to the glass or hinges.

Cupboards/ storage spaces – should be wiped down, with no damage occurring to the function of the doors or draws.

Appliances – should be working accordingly to existing use, cleaned and free of blemishes.

Bathrooms – are to be fully cleaned and free of soap scum and rust. All fixtures and operations should be working accordingly.

Exterior – check that the paint, pathways and gardens are up to date with general up-keep.

If you’re on top of this checklist, then you’re sure to receive a very positive rental reference — and you might get a kick out of how clean your place is, too!