Customise your kitchen with the flick of a switch.

Want to give your kitchen a facelift but not sure where to start? If your cooking space is looking a little over baked, adding a splash of color is the fastest way to make it look more delicious than ever.

However, messing around with colour samples and paint chips is not the best way to let your creativity flow. If you want to trial your ideas online before you make a final decision Freedom Kitchens has developed an online Kitchen Customiser which allows you to try before you buy. The new Kitchen Customiser allows users to experiment with actual colour palettes and textured finishes for both bench tops and cabinets to discover their desired colour combination all without moving away from the screen.

Freedom Kitchens retail design manager Jenny O’Connell says one of the key advantages of the new Kitchen Customiser is that customers can trial various colour schemes online in real time. “Start with colour schemes you’re comfortable with, then have fun adding on-trend features like wood grain and gloss finishes,” she says. “By experimenting online, you can see how different colour combinations and textures work together and you just might end up with a ‘wow’ kitchen you never thought possible.”

There are four kitchen designs to choose from so whether you love a country style or prefer a modern kitchen design you can play around with colours and textures and settle on dream combination before moving forward to customise your kitchen.

The Kitchen Customiser is available