Moving away from the traditional Queenslander aesthetic of the neighbourhood, this project injects a fresh modernity into Chelmer.

The property at Chelmer, designed by Big House Little House and built by Yates, is a modern and ultra-stylish showcase of careful craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Lukas Yates from Yates Builders says the block posed a lot of challenges for the design and construction team.

“It was a tricky site to put a functional house on,” he says. “In trying to make the home work on the block, it needed to be very efficient in its space and the way it works.

“It’s a lot bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside.”

The 340 square metre home is inspired by the leafy nature of Chelmer but steers away from the traditional look of houses in the suburb.

“The block gave us a chance to do something that’s a little different but still blends in,” says Yates. “Due to the products we used it still blends in – for instance the cedar cladding out the front looks modern but is really timeless and will fade to blend in with the neighbourhood. It was more suited to that block which is nice and green with lots of trees – it gave us the chance to do something a bit different.”

Energy efficiency was an important consideration too.

“The windows have eaves, the house has good solar positioning, it’s insulated – it’s quite energy efficient,” says Yates. “To incorporate these elements it had to be designed and built in a really energy efficient way.”

With a constrained budget and challenging proposal, a lot of careful planning needed to be implemented early in order to keep things on task.

“What worked well on this project was the very good, very clear communication between the designer, the builders and the owners,” says Yates. “We all knew what we had to achieve.┬áThere wasn’t any shifting in the budget, everything had to be costed up from the start and then it had to be stuck to.┬áTaking the time to make sure those things are worked out is the best way to approach a project.

“For us it was a really enjoyable project.”