Chalkboards are not so black and white any more… find out how you can transform your home interiors into a colourful interactive chalkboard.

Colour is set to dominate interiors over the next 12 months along with the use of stylish, textured paint effects that add extra depth and dimension to interior spaces.

Reinvigorating walls or tired furniture can easily be achieved through the use of colour or simple design updates, explains Dulux’s Colour Expert Andrea Lucena-Orr.

“It’s no longer only about mass application and feature walls but stylish, considered detail to add the final touch to any colour scheme,” Lucena-Orr says.

New to Dulux’s effects paints range is their Design Coloured Chalkboard, a tintable water-based effect paint that turns walls and interior surfaces into instant chalkboard.

Andrea says the product has been around for a while but the trend has really kicked off in the last year with people wanting to experiment with more colour.

There are more than 270 different colours in the range and its standard paint base makes it easy for anyone to apply.

“The beauty of it is there are so many options for creativity to occur in every room in the house,” says Lucena-Orr.

“In our range the pastels have worked well in children’s rooms, greys and blacks are popular in offices and kitchens, and beiges look great among natural stone looks.”

Andrea adds that not only is the coloured chalkboard paint perfect for walls and doors, it can be used on wardrobes, side tables, lamp shades, glasses or any furniture or paintable surfaces.

Photographic stylist Heather Nette King says when blackboard paint first hit the market it was only available in black and was only really used in functional spaces, but things have since changed.

“Since the colour range has come out, I’ve been putting it everywhere, in children’s bedrooms, kitchens and home offices,” says Nette King.

“It gives any space a creative feel and a beautiful hit of colour.”

Nette King says strong pastels and other moody, bold colours are really on-trend at the moment and work great for displaying chalk, as it really stands out.

She says the chalkboard paint gives a beautiful finish to a room and when painted on cupboards or furnishings it can really transform something simple into something stylish.

“It’s a great way to customise simple furniture into something no one else will have – it can be very creative and personal on top of being functional,” she says.

Would you give chalkboard paint a go in your house?