Looking for ways to jazz up your child’s bedroom? We’ve got some colorful and fun ideas.

Everybody knows that children grow up way too fast and for parents it can be a tough task to keep their bedroom looking fresh and age appropriate without going through major renovations.

Wall decals and art are a fun and easy way to transform a room without resorting to a time consuming paint job. It also means the room can grow with the child, with parents being able to simply peel off the stickers and apply fresh one’s when their little girl decides she’s too old for unicorns and fairies and would prefer a room decorated with brightly colored flowers. Littleville have a range of wall decals on offer including mermaids and Gelati coloured spots.

Once your little people get a bit older they’ll be looking for a comfortable place in their room to look through books and play games. Add a bit of colour to your kids room with a brightly hued comfortable couch. Down That Little Lane have some kids modular sofa’s that could be a cosy addition to any little boys or girls room.

New wallpaper is a sure-fire way to give your kids room some character, but as it’s more on the permanent side it’s best to chose a pattern or colour that will grow with your child. The Elephant Room has some great patterns on offer and you and the kids can spend a fun afternoon flicking through the pictures together as you make plans for the little place they can call their own.