With energy consumption skyrocketing in the summer holidays, it’s important to remember these efficiency tips to save energy and money.

Temperatures are rising and everyone is sweltering, but trying to keep cool this summer might cost you more than you think. Don’t suffer bill shock – consider what you’re using and when to help reduce costs this summer. “The festive season is a wonderful time of year when we relax at home with family and friends to celebrate,” says Minister for Energy and Water Supply Mark McArdle. “Everyone is at home and electrical appliances like plasma televisions, household air conditioning, swimming pools, sound systems, bar fridges and computers all get a real work out.” While all homes differ, air-conditioning, refrigeration and swimming pool pumps can make up to 75 per cent of a household’s electricity consumption. “Even leaving appliances on in ‘standby mode’ can contribute up to 10 per cent to your power consumption,” says McArdle. “You can save energy and money by switching your pool pump to the off-peak tariffs, Tariff 31 or Tariff 33, or by installing an energy-efficient pump which can save around $300 a year on your pool running costs. “Reducing the running time for your pool filter by just one hour a day could also save you up to $100 a year.”

Follow these tips to save energy and money this summer:
  • Set air-conditioners to 24 degrees or use ceiling fans instead;
  • Close curtains during the day to reduce the indoor temperature and open curtains and windows at night;
  • Switch appliances off at the wall to cut out standby power;
  • Switch off second fridges when not needed;
  • Use a low-flow showerhead to save hot water and energy;
  • Hang clothes out to dry rather than using a clothes dryer;
  • Install energy-efficient light bulbs.

How do you keep cool while saving money in summer? Let us know your tips and tricks!