Ben Stevens, Studio Manager at Christiaan’s, believes the bathroom has changed from a place of functionality to the mecca of well-being – a place you can go for privacy and relaxation.

The crisp clean towels, the relaxing atmosphere, the great merge of function and beauty… everyone loves the feeling they get when they go to a spa. But why not find this relaxation in your own bathroom? You don’t actually have to leave your home to get that fresh-from-the-spa feeling!

Consider these tips for making your bathroom into a haven of relaxation:


Spas are very selective in their use of colours. Whites and beiges take precedence over bright colours because neutral hues help relax the senses. You don’t have to stick to white and beige, however, greys, greens and blues are also considered neutrals as long as they are not too bright.


Many bathrooms tend to be overstocked with toiletries, which makes them look disorganised and messy – the complete opposite of what a spa looks like. Turn toiletries into décor by carefully choosing which ones to display and which ones need to go into the cupboard.

Nothing screams ‘home’ more than a towel with a hole in it. Make sure your linen is in tiptop shape, tumble dry it for added fluffiness and iron it to add that crisp characteristic that makes spa towels so much nicer. Also, if your shower curtain is all mucky, change it! stock your bathroom with thick, soft, plush towels.

You can’t expect to walk into a family home’s bathroom and get the spa feeling unless you actually set it up. Light candles, burn incense and dim down the lights for a truly relaxing aure.Music is also important and a good chill-out compilation will take you miles away from where you actually are.


Invest in a quality showerhead!

A little water pressure never hurt. Whether you are simply attaching a new, portable one, or starting from scratch, invest in a showerhead that makes taking a shower feel like a treat. The wide, round or square shaped ones create a rain-like experience that leaves you feeling relaxed.

The Tub

Soaking in the bath at the end of a long, hard day is the perfect way to unwind. And, it’s also a great way to spice up the romance for you empty nesters. Add to the peaceful haven by ensuring your tub is ready for a soak – jets are a bonus.

Splurge on Heated Floors

We all love going to a hotel and finding a soft spa robe in the closet. Now, it doesn’t have to be such a once-in-a-while treat. Wrapping up in a robe post shower is a perfect and easy way to make your bathroom feel like the spa. Try adding custom monograms for a fun touch!


A calming aroma can go a long way. Try mixing in notes of lavender to your bathroom to evoke peaceful thoughts. Why rush when you can stop and smell the lavender?

An Entertainment System?

While there might not be TVs at the spa, there is something to say for audio and visual enhancements while you are using the bathroom. Make your space equipped to play music or nature sounds. Also, try a flat screen tv to watch your favourite show or the news while you get ready in the morning.

Lighting plays a key role in determining your mood and that’s why finding the appropriate light fixtures is an important step to consider when redesigning your bathroom. Go for a light system on a dimmer switch so you can adjust accordingly.


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