Feeling cramped from the clutter? We have 20 space saver ideas to revamp and organise your living areas.

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1. Hanging makeup case

De-clutter the bathroom cabinet by creating a makeup organiser to hang on the wall.

2. Buy a coffee table with draws

Minimise the amount of clutter on the coffee table.

3. Document filers

Plastic document filers are wonder-workers. Attach them to the inside of cupboard doors to create more space for organisation.

4. Magazine rack

Turn those metallic magazine racks into an organiser for your pot lids. Attach a rack to the wall, and place your pot lids accordingly.

5. Floating draws

Floating draws are ideal in the bathroom for towels and toiletries.

6. Kitchen draws

Remove a draw under the kitchen sink, and replace with a paper towel roll holder.

7. Cake stand

Elevate your kitchen sink equipment with a covered cake stand.

8. Trays for Cords

Organise your power cords by attaching a tray under a desk or table and placing them safely inside.

9. Couch bookcases

Place low bookshelves along the back of your couches – they will also act as a second table.

10. Magazine bucket

Buy a colourful bucket and keep it in the living room to store your magazines in.

11. Tray for remotes

Buy a coloured tray to match the theme of your living room, and use it to organise the remotes.

12. Jars & canisters

Recycle your empty jars and cannisters and use for storage for smaller items.

13. Mug hooks

Underneath each level of your shelves, attach hooks to hang the mugs from and create more space.

14. Rod for spray bottles

Attach a rod under the kitchen sink and create a place to hang the cleaning spray bottles.

15. Magnetic rack

Store kitchen utensils on flat, magnetic rod attached to the wall.

16. Laundry stack

Construct a small shelf unit and attach three laundry baskets at different heights. The ultimate laundry organisation.

17. Stairs for vertical gardening

Use a small, three-step ladder outside and arrange your pots in size order.

18. Magnetic spice racks

Find small, magnetic units to attach to the fridge, and store your spice accordingly.

19. Kitchen pegboard

Attach a pegboard above your sink or bench with hooks, and organise the kitchen utensils.

20. Vertical cutlery draw

Purchase or construct a draw unit with greater height than width, to store cutlery vertically.

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