Décor your house with a difference. Bmag has compiled some stylish but cost-effective décor ideas for your home.

Spruce up your home with some budget-friendly décor:

Put your books to good use

Instead of leaving your books to collect dust on the shelf, stack books according to topic and place them accordingly around the house. Reflect your interests – stack cookbooks in the dining room, or travel books in the lounge, or gardening books on the balcony.


A cost-free means of decorating. Try a different wall for your artwork. Maybe re-position the furniture to create a sense of space or an arrangement. All you need is some quality time, a relaxed mood and a fresh outlook.

Change of curtains

Curtains tend to be overlooked and left untouched – but it’s time to shed the heavy drapes, especially if you live in a small home. Head to Spotlight, Lincraft or your local fabric shop and pick up some sheer fabric. IKEA also have ready-made draperies. Pick an attractive new rod, hang the new fabric up, and you will be surprised at the difference.


A change of lampshades can be done cheaply. IKEA sells inexpensive shades. Alternatively, buy a plain one and paint it yourself – matching the colour paint to the room. While you are considering lighting, maybe it’s time for a change of light bulbs. Lighting is critical to the mood of a room.

Trays for organisation

Instead of placing your décor straight onto a table or sidetable, place the items within a tray (see photo above). It’s organisation and decoration!

Nothing like new sheets

It’s the New Year – treat yourself to new sheets. If you research around the local shops, there are plenty of competitive prices for bedding. It will give your bedroom a feeling of refreshment.

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