The fun is over and everyone’s left – now the clean up begins. Tackle it with our tips for getting your home back to normal…

1. Start straight away

You don’t have to clean everything up immediately, but spend a few minutes at the end of the event getting things in order. Put away (or throw away) perishable foods, deal with any spills right away, collect glasses and empty them in the sink. If you can order the chaos it will be easier to face.

2. The pick-up

Have garbage bags on hand and walk through your home throwing out plastic, paper and rubbish. Start in outer rooms and work your way toward the kitchen to centralise the clutter. Take garbage out as soon as the bag is filled and tied to avoid accidental leaks and odors.

3. Remember to recycle

There will likely be plenty of bottles and cans so do a recyclables-round and clean up any products that can go in the bin with the yellow lid!

4. Many hands make light work

If anyone is willing, recruit a few helpers – not only will the job be completed quicker, having a chat will make the clean up seem more pleasant.

5. Soak it up

If the dishwasher is loaded up and turned on, soak remaining plates in the sink to stop food crusting up, it will also reduce any unpleasant odors that may develop overnight. In the morning, put all clean dishes away, clean and disinfect kitchen counters, sweep and mop floors (you might want to avoid the vacuum – too noisy for the morning after!) and burn a candle or incense to help clear away any remaining smells.

What’s your tried and tested clean up method? Do you recruit guests to help out as condition of attendance? Let us know!