The Antique Guild of Brisbane has introduced QR codes to tell the amazing stories behind their antiques.

Have you ever been strolling through an antique store and thought to yourself –  I bet you that piece has an amazing story behind it? Well now instead of flipping through an extensive catalog or registry,  The Antique Guild has introduced a new way to share each antique’s personal story and other information and this new idea is sure to catch on.

Everything these days is going digital. there are apps for almost everything and now antiques have caught on to the trend of QR codes to share information quickly and efficiently.

As long as you have a smart phone (let’s be honest, who doesn’t ?) you can easily find out the facts and interesting details behind any Antique at The Antique Guild in Stamford Plaza, all you have to do is scan the corresponding  QR code to learn its amazing story. The curator of the unique mix of beautiful antiques located at Stamford Plaza, Gary Douglas describes the collection as forever changing.

“The Antique Guild is like a box of chocolate covered candy, you never know what is inside. The collection is changing all the time so each visit is different” says Douglas. “One week it may be a Dutch dining table from the 1600s, another a sapphire gypsy ring, ancient Chinese hat buttons or a Bohemian crystal chandelier.”

Here’s a selection of some QR codes that accompany antiques in the guild (pictured above). We scanned the QR codes using our phones and below is the interesting stuff we found out.


19th Century American Long Horn Chair 

This amazing chair is made out of 24 long horns and cow leather. These taxidermy pieces were often made by cattle herders on the american frontier, so no part of there precious live stock would go to waste.

Category: Curiosity furniture

Period: 19th Century

Style: Victorian

Origin: America, United States

Dimensions: 123cm H x 85cm W  x 62cm L


19th Century German Biedermeier Secretaire 

This Biedermeier Secretaire has many hidden drawers and compartments. The key holes are framed in ivory, it is in great condition but has received some restoration over the years.

Category: Furniture

Period: 19th Century

Style: Biedermeier

Origin Germany

Dimensions: 107cm W x 52cm D x 158cm H

For the last antique, an amazing Tian Tsui head piece, scan the QR code in the gallery above and find out about this amazing piece of China’s history.

What do you think of antiques embracing technology? Share your opinions below.