Shake up your Christmas decorations this year with our tips for decorating differently!

Think laterally about your Christmas decorating this year and you not only will save time and money but you’ll produce a look that’s more authentic and personal.

“Being a creative person, I like to know that when decorating my home at Christmas time, each element has my own personal touch,” says professional costumier Peri Jenkins. “A set of beautiful ornaments are perfect for adorning your tree, a gift, or for hanging on door handles and hooks around the home to add that festive touch.”

Here are our suggestions for something a bit different this festive season¬†to get your creative juices flowing…

1. Re-think

Challenge the way you view traditional decorations. Create a Christmas tree out of new materials or turn your wreath on its side and hang it from the ceiling for a Christmas-y chandelier. Find new ways to use Christmas lights – instead of wrapping them around a tree, drape them across a mantle or tabletop to create a festive atmosphere.

2. Re-use

Turn unconventional items into decorations, like these toilet paper rolls, paper stars and cookie cutters that have found new life as ornaments. Use jars as candle-holders for a boutique edge – paint them with glitter to make things more festive!

3. Reduce

Less is more – it doesn’t have to look like a Christmas warehouse exploded inside your house. Use accent pieces to draw focus, like a garland in the entrance or lit-up centrepiece, to cut on costs and time spent decorating. If the tree is the focal point use low-key wrapping¬†to help keep it that way.


How are you decorating your home this Christmas? Let us know your innovative ideas and favourite Christmas traditions!