There’s a new trend in town and it’s a leggy pink bird with attitude – the flamingo

The Flamingo is here! 

With the warm weather creeping into our homes, you may feel like adding a splash of  color to your rooms to celebrate spring.

Flamingo’s have slowly been creeping onto the decorating scene and now the bright birds have made their way into a number of new home-wares collections. Annabel Trends have released a new flamingo collection that includes a tropically inspired flamingo bath and pamper range and cuddly soft toys that can take the place of cushions on your couch.

If you’re not quite willing to let the pink hued creatures overrun your home there are also flamingo adorned tea towels, bag dispensers and aprons on offer, which is a subtle way to incorporate the trend into your kitchen without feeling like you’ve stumbled into a bird sanctuary.  A flamingo garden stake has also been included in the collection, for those home decorators who’d like to keep the animal trends on the outside and enjoy watching their neighbors do a double take  as they spy the flamboyant birds in their front yards.

Annabel Trends understands the need for new ideas, and the product mix constantly changes. Take time to browse the site, and come back soon to see the latest from the market leaders. The collection is now available at