Summer afternoons on the deck have to be all the more enjoyable if you can look down knowing your choice of building materials is environmentally sound and eco-friendly.

Sustainable flooring has advanced out of site in the past few years and the latest product to market is Bunnings’ Ekodeck, made from bamboo and recycled plastic, a more renewable eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood.

Produced by Melbourne company Ekologix, the product was featured in Bunnings Expo earlier this year and featured in television series The Block.

“Ekodeck can be installed as easily as regular hardwood timber decking, with no special tools required,” says Bunnings’ Adam Morton.

“Simply use traditional items such as a saw, cordless drill and decking screws to cut, drill and fasten Ekodeck boards.”

Because the product is 90 per cent Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified bamboo with recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, there is no oiling or painting required as there is with traditional timber decking.

Ekodeck is also covered under 10-year warranty against faults and pre-treated for resistance against rot, decay, mildew, mould and termites. It also has anti-UV technology to combat sun damage, while scuffs and scratches can be smoothed out with sandpaper.

Ekodeck comes in four colours from beech to browns and grey, and is available in two sizes: 88x23mm $5.98/m and 137 x 23mm $11.48/m.