Whether you’ve recently built a new home and you’re looking to lay some new grass or you just want to give your existing lawn a bit of a makeover, there are a few things you need to consider before buying turf.

We spoke to the experts at Centenary Landscaping to get their advice on choosing the right turf.

Sun and Shade

Not all grass is the same. Just like plants in the garden, some grass species thrive in shade and others in full sun, so it’s important to do a bit of research before you buy any turf.

Most grass types thrive in sun, but you’ve got to remember the sun tracks differently throughout the year when the seasons change, so it won’t be in full sun the whole year round. Types of grass like Nullarbor Couch, Blue Couch and Legend may thrive throughout the summer, but go limp through the winter shade. When this happens, the turf will only cope for a few seasons before it starts to thin and die and no one likes crispy dead grass under their feet!

If your turf is already established and struggling to grow, try looking at the surrounding trees you may be able to thin the canopies to allow more light to shine through.

For grass that will survive the sun and shadier conditions (yards covered by trees), try a soft leaf buffalo grass like Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo or Platinum Zoysia.

There are so many different varieties of grass, you’ve just got to take your yard conditions into consideration and research what type of grass would suit it best.

You can find more information on all the different types here


Unfortunately, water costs money and lawns need a whole lot of it – especially in Queensland!

There is nothing worse than giving the yard a bit of TLC (every once in a blue moon) only to get a hefty water bill at the end of it. Choosing a drought tolerant turf won’t prevent this all together, but it will lessen the bill every quarter!

Grasses like Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo and Platinum Zoysia are not only drought tolerant, but pest and weed resistance too! Score!

Then there’s over watering – are you one of those water happy people?

Did you know that if you water your lawn too much you can drown and kill your grass? You horrible person!

So, how much water is the right amount? Well, it depends on your geographic location and the grass type, but generally most lawns respond well to a maximum of 2.5cm or 25mm per week (which would work out to be Brisbane’s average rainfall of 1200m a year).


An important question to ask yourself before you even think about buying turf is ‘What’s my soil like?’

Just because you’ve had grass in the same position previously, does not guarantee results. Test the soil first. Does it need to be enriched with fertilisers, sand or compost? Does it need to be replaced completely?

It’s best to lay new grass on a 100mm thick friable layer of quality soil. In areas of heavy clay, consider adding gypsum and sand to allow deeper root penetration.
When it is established, it’s also extremely important to feed your lawn with a good nutrient-rich fertiliser regularly.

The key times to fertiliser your lawn include spring (now) which will in turn help it recover from the winter and set it up for a hot Queensland summer; and autumn to prepare the yard for a cold chilly winter. It’s also possible to fertiliser through the summer, which will provide the essential nutrients to keep your lawn healthy through the hotter days and encourage speedy growth and stronger roots.

You’ll need to take special care however, as many fertilisers will need to be watered in immediately, so try and sync your fertilising routine with some more substantial rainfall. Follow these tips and your yard will look luscious all year round!

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