Hopping out of the pool on a hot summer’s day to stinging eyes, burning skin and green hair is a thing of the past! New advances in pool technology mean pool owners no longer need to use harsh chemicals to keep their pools clean.

Leading innovators in those technologies, Enviroswim have created a pool purification system that turns pool water as clear and pure as a mountain spring – no chemicals needed.

Unlike Chlorine and other water treatment systems, Enviroswim’s ES3 system uses three processes to clean and refresh pool water; electronic oxidising, ionisation (minerals) and ultrasonics (soundwaves), annihilating bacteria, fungi and viruses from your pool.

With the system, the pool water is actually clean enough to use undiluted on lawns and plants!

According to Enviroswim chlorine is the most common form of pool water sanitation used around the world, but it’s not safe.

Chlorine-based pool systems require constant attention and dosing to maintain safe levels, as well as the addition of other chemicals like salts and stabilisers to balance everything out.

These chemicals are not only harmful to humans and pets, causing red eyes, skin allergies, asthma and pregnancy problems, but to surrounding plants, pool equipment and features too.

The Enviroswim ES3 system is a much healthier and safer way for the family and pets (if they’re willing to jump in) to enjoy a swim on a hot summer’s day.

In fact, it was tested by the New South Wales Health Department and not only passed protocol, but outperformed chlorine in the elimination of harmful bacteria. The system also passed NSF International testing, one of the most stringent testing centres for water treatment products in the world.

Who wouldn’t want their own fresh water pool out the back?

For more information about Enviroswim or the ES3 swimming pool water purification system visit www.enviroswimpoolsystem.com.au

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