A blanket of soft lush emerald green grass, gardens blooming with fragrant flowers surrounded by a kaleidoscope of butterflies. Sounds like something you’d expect to see at the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers – but this could be your backyard.

According to Centenary Landscaping, spring is the perfect time to give your backyard or outdoor area a bit of a makeover.

Here are a few of their tips to help you revitalise your garden this spring, leaving it looking absolutely magnificent.

Fertilise like a pro

If you’re longing for a backyard that resembles more of a beautiful oasis, rather than that patchy brown mess you have at the moment – use lawn and garden fertiliser. Try Eco 88 fertiliser, which can be used on both your lawn and gardens. Fertilisers help maximise growth potential and gives plants the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Your yard will look great in no time!

Top dress for success

With your lawn growing like mad during spring, now is also a great time to address high and low points in your lawn. Spread top dressing over your lawn gradually in thin 1cm layers to build up depressions. Quality top dressing soils like A1 Top Dressing have the added bonus of feeding your lawn at the same time maximising growth and giving it a brilliant emerald hue.

Keep the pests at bay

As the days warm and become humid and your lawn begins to thicken up, the neighbourhood pests such as Lawn Grub, Army Worm and African Black Beattle settle in for a feed. As well as other garden pests like grasshoppers and caterpillars. Keep on top of the bugs and at the first sign of trouble treat your lawn and garden regularly.

Create a potted garden

If you haven’t got a lawn or a yard for that matter, you can always create a potted garden on your balcony, patio or veranda.

Pots and planters are the perfect solution for creating a garden oasis where space is limited. But, make sure you pick a pot that can handle the plants anticipated or desired growth. The type of plant will dictate your pot size and shape. Larger plants will need a larger space to thrive and establish complex root systems.

Mix and match

Don’t be scared of mixing plants and pot types to create an eclectic style. Just because you’re limited to pots it doesn’t mean you can’t employ the same concepts used in larger garden beds like companion planting and under planting.

Use feature pots like Mason Cup planters to line a pathway or entrance to your home for fantastic visual statement. You could even use a variety of traditional terracotta pots in different sizes outside the kitchen to grow herbs and potted vegetables.

Water features

There is nothing more relaxing than the ambient sound of water in the backyard or on your balcony. Just as the sound of raindrops on a tin roof can take you off into the dream time, trickling water features and fountains in the garden create a magical atmosphere and can take your garden or balcony design to a whole new level.

Centenary Landscaping has a great range of designed water features ready for installation with minimal fuss. They also can help you design your own water feature.

For more information about Centenary Landscaping visit www.centenarylandscaping.com.au

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