A sandpit can be a great addition to the backyard, providing a place for the kids to play and enjoy the outdoors within the safety of your own home.

Easy to build and even easier to maintain, a sandpit can keep kids occupied for hours. Here are some tips on how to make your own from the team at Kennards Hire.

Location, location, location

Choose the location of the sandpit carefully. Look for an area that is level and receives moderate sun light, it’s important for the sand to be exposed to the sun so it can stay dry but also me mindful of the kids playing in the sun all day. Avoid areas with over-hanging trees as leaves will fall into the pit. If trees are unavoidable, you may want to consider a cover.

Get creative

When deciding on the border of the sandpit, don’t be afraid to get creative and opt for something different to the traditional timber. Suggestions include stone, brick or even tree stumps placed close together.

Can you dig it?

With your location and materials sorted, mark the outline of the sandpit and where you will dig the trench. Decide on shape that’s best suited to your yard.  Dig the trench approximately 6 inches deep to form the border. To make the process quick and easy consider hiring a trencher digger. Then, with the outline clearly marked, dig out the center of the box.

Drain it out

Next, lay your timber or border materials in place. If you opt for stone or bricks, make sure they are pushed firmly together to form a tight outline. To aid drainage, layer the bottom of the box with gravel.Line the box with landscaping fabric or shade cloth (not plastic) to keep grass, weeds, worms and bugs from digging into the sand.

Fill it up

Finally, fill the box with sand. To determine how much sand in cubic feet you will need, multiply the length by the width, and then multiply that number by the depth. This gives you the three dimensional (or cubic) area of your sandpit. Make sure you use play sand as this has been cleaned.

Have fun!