Have your garden looking its best without dedicating your entire weekend – these ten handy ideas will get your green haven into shape.

Whether you’re a green thumb with limited time or a limited budget, here’s ten quick tips for a garden makeover:

1. Re-use broken pots

Nestle broken terracotta pots into a border around your garden bed and create the quickest rock garden ever. Make most of your creation by planting low-maintenance succulents inside.

2. Fill the empty patches

Empty areas or patches of soil in your garden can detract from its overall look. Fill these areas with some mulch or potted colour. Which leads to our next tip…

3. It’s all about the mulch

Mulch is both healthy for your garden as well as visually appealing. Choose an attractive variety such as dark, fine wood chips and use a rake to evenly cover your garden beds.

4. Paint your plant pots

Spruce up your plant pots or outdoor furniture with a fresh layer of paint  – choose bright colours to suit your plants and they will become a great feature in the garden.

5. Create a shady spot

Hang a parasol or an old large umbrella as a feature in a shaded area. Add a hammock and you’ve created a relaxing spot to enjoy your hard work from!\

6. Give your garden a glow

Gardens don’t have to be solely appreciated during the day – add some lanterns or solar lamps and turn your outdoors into a space to enjoy in the evenings.

7. Time to trim

While you have got your green thumb in gear, make the effort to prune and tidy your hedges, trees, shrubs and garden beds. Remove any dead limbs or unsightly shrubbery from your beds.

8. Polish the pavers

Spray large concrete areas with a high pressure hose, which you can hire for the job for a reasonable price. For smaller areas, scrub with a hardwire brush and soapy water.

9. Mother Nature’s unwanted

From dandelions to stubborn weeds, it’s important to pull out all the plants that don’t belong in your garden – and it will make a huge difference to the appearance of the area.

10. Create a pebble path

Create or spruce up your existing pebble path by placing large pavers along the path and filling in the gaps with smaller pebbles. Do you have a great tip for quick-fixing the garden? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter!