Last year, Brisbane locals recycled over 90,000 tonnes of material. But only 30 per cent of what we put in our yellow-tip bins is actually recyclable. Do you know what you can and cannot recycle?

The recycling system has been in Brisbane for 15 years. Recycling saves money, minimises waste and energy, and even creates jobs in landfill. It’s important that what we put in our yellow-top bins is recyclable, to minimise environmental impacts.

Below is the specific list on recyclable items:

Paper –

Do recycle: newspaper, junk mail, brochures, office paper, wrapping paper, glossy paper, magazines, greeting cards, coloured paper and clean paper towels.

Don’t recycle: disposable nappies, wax-coated paper, fax paper, and padded envelopes.


Cardboard –

Do recycle: cardboard boxes, cartons, pizza boxes, cereal boxes, tissue boxes, and detergent boxes

Don’t recycle: waxed cardboard boxes


Plastic –

Do recycle: plastic containers, soft drink bottles, takeaway containers, kitchen containers, milk bottles, yoghurt tubs, biscuit trays, shampoo and detergent bottles.

Don’t recycle: plastic bags, disposable nappies, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, plastic film, cling wrap, and straws.


Glass –

Do recycle: bottles and jars

Don’t recycle: drinking glasses, ceramics, window glass, light bulbs, mirror glass, glass cookware.


Metal –

Do recycle: kitchen cans, pet food cans, paint tins, pie trays, aluminium foil, aerosol cans.

Don’t recycle: batteries, gas bottles, wire, scrap iron and cutlery.


Recycling tips for your home –

  1. Never put plastic bags in your recycling bin!
  2. Test for wax by lightly scratching your finger nail along the item’s surface.
  3. Don’t worry about removing labels and glues.
  4. If you need a larger bin, contact the Council to receive an extra 240 litre bin.
  5. Recycle paper from all rooms of your house if possible – it’s easy if you make the effort.
  6. Always remove food scraps. Recycle them in your garden’s own compost system.
  7. Squash items to create more space in your bin.
  8. Yellow-top bins are collected fortnightly – find out your suburb’s collection day.

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