It can be easy to avoid those who share your street, but getting to know your neighbours creates a great community feel and can be a fantastic support network.

It’s not always easy to broach those front fences and gardens, however. With a little bit of effort you can touch base with the people in your neighbourhood, and you might even make some great new friends! Here are our suggestions for breaking the ice and making nice with neighbours.

1. Party time

Nothing says ‘be my friend’ like hosting a big street party, but you don’t have to go crazy catering and preparing for your whole block. A pot luck dinner, bring-a-plate-picnic or drinks and cheese are all simple ways to have everyone over without the hassle.

2. Use your space

Spend more time in your front yard, on your front porch or on your nature strip – this will expose you to neighbours walking dogs or passing by on their way to and from work. It’s a natural way of meeting people for very low effort.

3. Shake one hand a week

Set yourself the challenge to shake a new person’s hand each week after moving in. Take along a little something (baked goods, a garden cutting, or even a greeting card) and keep to the doorstep rather than venturing inside to respect people’s space. It’s a great first meeting – after, others will feel more comfortable approaching you. You will also come into contact with those that aren’t able to visit your house to introduce themselvesĀ because of time or ability.

4. For the time and energy poor

Simply try and get to know two neighbours. Leave a card or note on their doorstep if you can’t meet face to face – just make a connection with two people in your street to have a network, because you never know when you’ll need a favour – or be able to give one!

5. Start a group

It might be a gardening group, mother’s group, kid’s playgroup, walking group – anything that’s easy and will assist conversation to flow. You’ll be best buds with your neighbours before you know it!

What do you do to get to know your neighbours? Hold a party? Let us know!