Forget tag or ball games, create fun outdoors with a touch of spray paint.

Having fun outdoors can be creative, colourful and affordable with our three entertainment ideas that are great for birthday parties, school holidays or family fun.

All you need is a grassy area and spray paint for the following ideas:

1. Grass hopscotch– Spray paint a hopscotch course onto soft grass and children can play in a safe environment.

2. Target practice– Spray paint a target onto the grass, allocating points for different sections of the target. Compete against friends and families for the highest score by throwing pebbles, hacky sacks or balls onto the target or targets.

And for the more adventurous, spray paint provider Rust-Oleum Australia has provided their how-to instructions for lawn twister (as pictured).

3. Lawn twister

You’ll need:
• Thick cardboard (an old box is ideal)
• Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover spray paint in a selection of colours
• A small plate
• Pen or texta
• Stanley knife
• Two bowls

How to do it:

1. Place the upturned plate on one edge of the cardboard and trace around it. Repeat as many times as the cardboard allows creating a row of circles – leaving a 15cm gap between each circle.

2. Cut around the outline of each circle and discard the cut outs to create a stencil

3. Lay the cardboard stencil on the grass. Spray over the stencil in a steady back and forth motion to create a row of painted circles. Leave to dry.

4. Once dry, line up the stencil parallel to the first row, leaving a 15cm gap between rows. Spray with the second colour and repeat with the remaining colours until the desired size board is done.

6. To play, place four small coloured pieces of cardboard (coin-size) into a bowl. In a second bowl place four small pieces of cardboard with “left foot”, “right foot”, “left arm” and “right arm” written on them. Draw one piece from each bowl to play.

The perfect thing about these creative ideas, is that when it’s all over you can mow it away.