Summer in Queensland is hot, humid and the perfect breeding ground for pests. But instead of reaching for the chemical repellent to protect your family go for the natural option – plants that repel mosquitoes.

We are lucky to have such beautiful summer weather here in Australia and it is great to get the kids outdoors over the holidays. ¬†However in the summer months pests like mosquitoes in the garden can ruin any BBQ or play day. With the growing concerns surrounding the DEET chemical in insect repellents, people are searching for more natural ways to make sure they aren’t bitten all over.

Many plants have natural qualities that repel pests and they are generally easy to grow. Head to your local nursery and have a look around for Citronella, Leptospermum, Marigolds, Catnip and Ageratum. All of these plants are proven to be effective mosquito repellents and are widely available across Australia. If you have a serious garden pest problem each plant can be crushed or rubbed into the skin for more concentrated protection from pests.

You can make hedges around your backyard living area, place pots on your balcony or BBQ area, even pot smaller amounts of the plants for the living room or bedroom. The oils from the plants’ foliage vaporizes to confuse and deter mosquitoes, meaning the end to your pesky pests problem. Plus as an added bonus some of these plants like Marigolds and Ageratum have really beautiful flowers to brighten up any patio or garden.

Belinda Thackery, the Education Manager at Eden Gardens, a multi-award winning garden and lifestyle centre recommends the use of natural repellents.

“There isn’t a more natural and cost effective way to protect your family from unwanted insects this summer than green life.”

Give natural repellents a try this Christmas and let us know about the results. Do you have any other natural pest repellent tips? Share them with us by commenting below.

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