Preparing and coating your deck for summer is much easier than you think.

Australians love to entertain outdoors, but is your deck in tip-top shape and looking beautiful for those Christmas or summer barbecue guests?

Australia’s leading timber experts, Cabot’s have given three easy to follow steps to coating your deck this summer, and debunk four myths associated with DIY decking and wood care products.

Cabot’s marketing manager, Sarah Shatkhin says during the warmer months people look for advice on how to treat their deck to keep it protected and looking good.

“Many people are either taking short-cuts, which lead to poor results, or they’re making it much more complicated than it need to be,” she says.

Shatkhin from Cabot has offered easy steps and busted myths to allow everyone to get a great desk with minimum fuss this summer:

As easy as 1,2,3.

1. Deck prep (1.5 hours)

Prepare a mix of Cabot’s Deck Clean and water and scrub it in to the timber with a deck scrub broom. This will get rid of any surface contaminants that could affect the coating.

2. Coat your desk (1 hour)

On your clean and dry deck, apply Aquadeck (water based decking finish) using a lambswool applicator. Apply liberally along the entire length of the board and coat 2 to 3 boards at a time, allow two hours between coats.

3. Recoat your deck (1 hour)

Once your first coat is dry, apply a second coat of Aquadeck, following the same process as before. Wash your tools in water when done and leave the area for two hours before moving the furniture or barbecue back onto the deck.



1. New Timber does not need to be cleaned before coating.

FACT-  New timber contains tannis, oils, dirt and in some cases mould, which needs to be removed before coating.

2. Oil based finishes last longer than water based finishes.

FACT- Water based finishes which are based on modern technology last significantly longer than traditional oil based coatings.

3. You can’t use your deck for a week after coating.

FACT- With fast-drying, water-based products you can use your deck the same day as coating.

4. You only need to coat your deck once the timber begins to grey.

FACT- Grey timber is a sign of decaying timber which should be avoided.


Will you be coating your deck in preparation for summer barbecue parties or Christmas get-togethers? Why not spruce up your backyard or lawn while you’re at it?